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May 18, 2020


The world is ever changing.  Any organization wishing to be active in the Global Village must remain current on the changes that effect its membership... and its efficiency.  grp.Starlight is committed to being a leader... in in-depth analysis... in innovative solutions... in informed implementation... and in integrity.

Part of our ongoing innovation activities is renewal... renewal of our services... our products... and eventually our public presence, especially this website... our gateway to the Global Village that we admire so much.

That is why grp.
Starlight's website has been revised... again.  We will continue the process of renewing our "image" as seen by you, the Global Citizen.  We have much to tell... to show... to share.  So please be patient, as we continue our "renovations"... and "additions".

In the meantime, should you wish to contact us for our services, help, clarification, or other reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us at...

Our Group's primary mission is to create varied services and products that will enhance our members' lifestyles.

We combine the generalist's adaptability to varied environments with the pragmatic experiences of the specialist, along with the efficiency of the logistician and a global citizen mentality, to achieve 21st century solutions.

Such developments are obtained by using the inherent synergies achieved through the compilation of society's knowledge, the interaction of numerous eclectic disciplines, the melding of new technologies, and the participaCtion of the Group's membership towards shared objectives.

The guiding principle behind our activities is the Golden Rule, with the belief that we can actively participate in, and mutually benefit from, the transformation of society into a holistic social system based on the better human qualities of fairness, honesty, integrity and compassion. For further details on
grp.Starlight 's beliefs, please link to our Ideology page.

Our Motto...

When pieces of the puzzle of life, and business, keep falling in front of you, you know you are on the right path to your... destiny.

As such, our Group benefits from the synergy obtained by our affiliation with numerous individuals and companies from around the world.

Still curious and interested ? Then contact us at...


Or visit this site again as we undertake updates to bring all our ideas, information and knowledge to grace this website.

Note that the majority of our content is in the English language.  That is not to say that English is the best language to express ideas.  You will also soon see content in Chinese and French.

Pleasant readings, eh.