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NEWS - 2019  
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December 25, 2019

'TIS the season to be...

...joly ?

...happy ?

All of us here at S. E. I   wish you a

Merry Christmas...

a time of happiness and caring for all of good cheer.   



November 1, 2019

Ce n'est qu'un aurevoir.

I'll be seeing you... later.


As my favourite motto says, "When pieces of the puzzle of life keep falling in front of you, you know that you are on the right path to your... destiny." ...and so it is that now is the time for me to follow my path's new twists and turns, which are leading me back to Canada.


BUT I will never forget my friends here in China.  Stay healthy, safe and above all... curious about things that wake you in the night.


See you when I see you... eh.




September 1, 2019

Round-Up of 2019 Lectures

The year as been a busy one since the beginning, so please forgive our delay in updating this news page.



August 17th saw a lecture on Movie Quotes, continuing our previous presentation on Life Quotes, this time specializing on phrases from "fictional" characters found in movies, modern or classic, and whether they be drama, science fiction, mystery, horror, detective, adventure, romantic, comedy, musical, or other genre gracing us with wonderful memorable entertainment.




July 20th had a presentation on Study in Canada, making a case for choosing Canada as the best destination for your continuing education... and graduated life.  We started with a look at why people study abroad and then the important criteria to consider.  And of course comparisons were made with the USA, a favourite destination, even in 2020's (?), followed by Canada as a destination when compared to other world choices.  We finished with a discussion on whether to live on campus in alternative housing such as our Homestay option at the G4Habitat.




June 15th saw a lecture on Money Matters that visited the evolution of money as an improvement on "barter" and its changes throughout history.  From that perspective, we looked at whether "money matters" too much in our societies and looked at "money matters" to determine how best to add to, and use, our money.  We also examined the use of debt, the advantages of leveraging and the need to diversify our savings and investment portfolios, as well as blockchains (cryptocurrenvy) and fintech tools.




May 18th had a lecture on Life Quotes, showing us that people like quotes from "important" people or events as a way to motivate themselves, and even others, in times of stress.  We also learned that their are many categories of quotes, from VIPs to life itself, to business and society, and numerous other sectors of our eclectic civilization.





April 20th saw a lecture on Introvert vs Extrovert, looking at whether being shy and reserved was better than being outgoing and outspoken, and eventually showing us that we are both, fluctuating between both "extrements" depending on circumstances and our instinctive reaction to same.  We even discovered that some call this personality trait as being an "Ambivert".  Who knew, eh.




March 16th had a presentation on Selfwá»–rth vs Netw$rth which highlighted societies' over-reliance on a person's level of wealth to determine their worth to society, that is, how much they contribute to society's growth.  As indicated, it is a falicy that is ruining these societies, leading to selfishness and greed as well as "unbalanced lifestyles" devoid of compassion and empathy for others, to such an extent that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer and the middle-class social "engine" gets more and more diminished in size and impact. Welcome to the "brave new world order".





January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

All of us here at S.E.I  wish you and yours

the best for 2019 :

    • Warmth of love

    • Comfort of home

    • Joy for your children

    • Company and support of family and friends

    • A caring heart that accepts and treats all human beings equally

    • Enrichment of knowledge and richness of diversity

    • Courage to seek and speak the truth, even if it means standing alone

    • Hopes and dreams of a just world and the desire to make it happen

    • A light to guide your path

    • Helping hands to strengthen unity

    • Serenity and peace within your mind, heart and soul

    • Food for thought and soul

    • A hand to hold

    • A path to follow

    • A goal to achieve





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