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   November 16, 2017

Hubei Library Lecture Series  

Our Chairman continues his Balanced Lifestyle lecture series at the Hubei Provincial Library.

This month's lecture is titled "GVM".  Join us this Saturday, November 18th at 09:30 on the 4th floor... to find out the meaning of "GVM". 

You will learn how to get a GVM and how to benefit from it, to help you improve your lifestyle.



June 14, 2017


Our Chairman continues his Balanced Lifestyle lecture series at the Hubei Provincial Library.  June's lecture is titled "Student Personal Finance".  As this is a very important aspect of a sane and healthy life, he has included knowledge about personal and family financials.  But, as many people have told him of students' problems with their own personal finances, he has decided to include aspects relating to students dilemas relating to financial planning once at unversity, especially when studying abroad.  Certainly a "don't miss" lecture.  Welcome to attend... this Saturday, June 17th, starting at 09:30.  


June 6, 2017


S.E.I 's activites are not just centered on research and "spreading knowledge - sharing wisdoms".   Our mandate also includes creating commercial initiatives that will help in promoting, and validating S.E.I 's vision.  So stay tuned to this page for further news on our plans to open a unique "cafĂ©" geared towards helping people "come closer" to a Global Village Mindset... that includes professional development and eventually cooperative business promotions. 


June 1, 2017


S.E.I 's research on education covers a wide variety of social aspects.  Case in point.  Our President, Christopher A. Hill, is quite the expert on internet (and computer) gaming.  Lest you think less of such an activity, remember that research confirms that gaming does help participants acheive better health, wellness and certainly happiness (Cognitive benefits... 2015, Psychology Today).  Caution! ...such gaming should be undertaken in moderation.  Check out our President's Blog for an enlightening article.  And of course we extend a special thanks for his May 20th Hubei Library lecture. 


May 8, 2017


Further to April's Hubei Library lecture on Wealth, some participants asked our Chairman for an extended list of related books and websites that would help them to better understand the concepts behind building one's wealth.  We are pleased to announce that such a list... a library of resources as been compiled and put on S.E.I 's website.  Check it out on our Publications webpage.


April 30, 2017


S.E.I 's activites are ramping up.  So what better way to make the public aware than to hand out freebies.  Welcome to look over the design... and maybe get a free sample... by attending one of our events.  We have already handed out "pins" to people attending our Hubeil Library lectures. 


April 19, 2017


S.E.I 's contribution to the HL Lecture Series for April 22nd leads us to question wealth: "If your riches are truly only yours, why can't you take them to the afterlife." This Balanced Lifestyle session will show us that there is an alternative meaning to wealth that seems to have been lost to most. 


March 25, 2017


One of the joys of many people is reading, whether novels or biographies or... whatever.  Our Chairman is not an exception... it is actually a basic activity of a research scientist like himself.  But he recently came across a science fiction book that truly upset him.  The storyline of "Prototype D" was such a surprise that it lead James to write an article for LinkedIN and Facebook. The title is "Enemies of Convenience". 


March 22, 2017font>


S.E.I 's activities are being noticed.  Further to Changjiang Weekly's "Activity Notice" in their March 10 issue (#242), page 9, announcing the start of our Chairman's 2017 Hubei Library Lecture Series with a lecture titled "Balanced Lifestyle - Motivatonal", Dr. St-Arnaud was recently asked a few questions by the Weekly's Jessie Fan on why he does what he does.  His answers are to appear in this week's issue of the Weekly.  Check out his March 22nd post on our JS' Blog page for a preview of the questions... and his answers.


You may also want to check out a previous issue, #238 dated February 10, page 10, for a short article on James' thoughts about Wuhan as his second home.


Having trouble finding copies of the Changjian Weekly?  Contact them directly, either by email to or call them at 027-85581559.  



January 27, 2017

Happy ROOSTER New Year

Sincere best wishes to everyone as we prepare to welcome the New Year of the Rooster.  This year is the Fire Rooster, so a good year for those who are trustworthy and have a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility.


At S.E.I , these are ingrained habits that we are using to promote a Global Village Mindset.  These are the characteristics we look for as we expand our team so that we can better concentrate on the realization of our G4Habitat in Canada and a caregiver / nurse training program in Hubei Province, China. 



January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

All of us here at S.E.I  wish you and yours continued health and happines as well as good fortune during this new year.


As we are an Institute promoting knowledge and wisdom for a Global Village Civilization, may the 2017 New Year bring these wishes to all of you:

    • Warmth of love

    • Comfort of home

    • Joy for your children

    • Company and support of family and friends

    • A caring heart that accepts and treats all human beings equally

    • Enrichment of knowledge and richness of diversity

    • Courage to seek and speak the truth, even if it means standing alone

    • Hopes and dreams of a just world and the desire to make it happen

    • A light to guide your path

    • Helping hands to strenghten unity

    • Serenity and peace within your mind, heart and soul

    • Food for thought and soul

    • A hand to hold