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   December 25, 2016

MERRY  CHRISTMAS  &  Happy New Year

All of us here at S.E.I  wish you and yours health, happines and good fortune during this festive season... and throughout the coming new year.


November 12, 2016

S.E.I 's Student Coordinator

We are sadened to announce that Mr. Yao Xin will not be able to continue as our Student Coordinator.  We wish him well in his other activities.


October 28, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman "talks" housing

Economic growth and sunny days are here again.  Sounds like one of those feel-good songs doesn't it?  Well, our Chairman thinks that things could be better, especially when looking at housing options.  So he has written a couple of 'commentaries', one on 'Housing for Seniors and "Visitor" Students' and another on 'Self-Sustaning Luxury Housing for Independent Seniors'.  And has even put his opinions onto social media like LinkedIN (a, b) and Facebook.  Hope you enjoy reading... and supporting us.  As always, comments (critiques, not critics) on his comments are always welcome.


October 27, 2016

S.E.I   is on WeChat

Millions of people, whether in China or in the Global Village, are connected to WeChat.  Our team, as individuals, are already on WeChat, so we decided to also put  S.E.I  on this versatile and convenient communications social tool to effectively distribute information about our activities. 

Join us today on Wechat!


October 24, 201/b>6

S.E.I   Team grows with addition of Language Editor

We are very pleased to welcome  潘琼, Vivian, a Chinese national from Wuhan, who has accepted to join S.E.I as its Language Editor. She has 13 years of teaching experience and is a respected translator and interpretor for individuals and companies.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship based on a synergistic cooperation.  Check out her About Us page for further details about this exceptional young mother.


September 18, 2016

S.E.I 's summer newsletter issue available

That's right, time to put our last issue out to the public.  Check it out on our Publications page, along with all our other publications and Chairman's presentations... or simply click here.


September 15, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman "talks" economic growth

Economic growth, sunny days, transparency - buzz words of the 2016 political generation.... and something close to our Chairman's heart.  So much so that he has written a "commentary", one of many that he has done as part of his LinkedIN presence, and now also part of SEI's new Chairman's Commentary page.  Hope you enjoy reading, as some of his comments can be rather loongish.  And as always, comments (critiques, not critics) on his comments are always welcome.


September 12, 2016

S.E.I  website - ever more updates

We've "gone bananas" with even more content on our website.

We've added the following sections/pages :

    • a Free Education page in the Learning section ;

    • an expansion of the Publications page to include many of our Chairman's lectures/presentations ;

    • a Chairman's Commentary page showcasing his articles posted on social media and other venues ;

    • a new TEST homepage - feedback most welcomed - thank you for the feedback, have returned to original page while we look at implementing some of your suggestions ;

    • a modified Welcome page that now includes the flash version of our S.E.I  Introduction ;

    • a change to the Contact Us page to reflect S.E.I 's new HQ address in Hong Kong.

August 29, 2016

S.E.I  website updates

August, such a hot but busy month.  Check out our third Learning page for a great listing of unbelievable websites that offer a FREE education.  This  list is a supplement to the Group Starlight's Links To pages.  Speaking of gaining new knowledge, check out S.E.I 's revised Publications page for a list of the numerous lestures, speeches and presentations given by our Chairman during the past decade.  And please do stay tuned to this page or our News page.  We have more information upcoming in the near future.


July 14, 2016

S.E.I  old video of Professor James found

We've discovered an old video of an interview in 2007 of our Chairman, Dr. Jacques St-Arnaud, taken during his tenure at Wuhan University's East Lake College as the Professor of Communications & Learning Skills.  Listen carefully... you will get some worthwhile tips on living the life of a university student... and learning.


July 14, 2016

S.E.I 's website updated with "Learning"

Although the new school year is still many weeks away, some students nevertheless need help now with their learning skills, especially those relating to English.  As part of our efforts and activities in helping students improve their study skills and overall confidence, we have moved the Learning pages from one of our sister websites to S.E.I 's website, updated its content, and set up a direct link as can be seen in the left-hand menu buttons.


July 14, 2016

S.E.I 's website - more updates

We've discovered an old video showcasing our President, Christopher Hill, and our Chairman, Dr. Jacques St-Arnaud, "working" together (more like having a fun time) helping Wuhan TV-2... for a good cause.


July 12, 2016

S.E.I 's website updated

We've made some major changes to the website and added even more content.  This is your invitation to check us out (first timers) or review our updates (previous visitors and/or members).  Together we can ensure that ...change IS coming !  Happy reading eh. 


July 11, 2016

S.E.I 's website "moved"

We've purchased a unique domain name for S.E.I ' website ( and have already moved all the content, as well as added new content.  The transition from the old sub-domain name under has been coded in to make it seamless to all visitors.  Happy reading. 


July 11, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman "staying"

What is it they say about planning and schedules ?  Oh yea, make sure to always have a backup Plan-B, and maybe a Plan-C... Plan-D, because life tends to send us "curve balls" in our future and we will need to adjust our path to our goals.  As for schedules, well, they should never, ever, be "etched in stone".


May 20, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman returning to Canada

With some projects gathering interest, our Chairman will be returning to Canada sometime this summer to coordinate further development of Canada-based activities, one of which is the G4Habitat concept-project.  As such, we have initiated a new activity, the Educaltural Family Homestay.  Check it out .  


May 20, 2016

S.E.I 's website updated

We've added more and/or updated some information to better explain our Vision and Mission as well as provide details on some of our initiatives.  Happy reading. 

April 8, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman posts on LinkeIN... again

Seems Canada is not immune to the impact of the Panama Papers.  As a leader of S.E.I, our Chairman presents his take on the situation and offers a possible solution that will help middle-class Global Villagers avoid extinction.  Check out his second post on LinkedIN and Facebook. 


April 8, 2016

S.E.I  finds a Student Coordinator

Great news !   Mr. Yao Xin / 姚鑫, a Chinese national from Wuhan, has accepted to become the Student Coordinator for  S.E.I.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship based on a synergistic cooperation.  Check out his About Us page for further details about this exceptional young man.


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's Chairman posts on LinkeIN

With all the news about tax havens, greed, corruption, financial crises and mounting cynicism about society’s leaders and their lack of action to remedy the burden being pushed onto their middleclass citizens, our Chairman is, like most caring people, very upset with these current anti-social trends and feels that  S.E.I must step forward as a viable solution for those of like mind as us.  Check out his post on LinkedIN and Facebook. 


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's GVM concept on the right track

Breaking News !  UCLA neuroscientists confirm that human beings are noble beings whose instincts are to be caring towards each other, to "follow" the Golden Rule


In the recently publicized study, the researchers question whether “Are we born ‘noble savages’ whose best intentions are corrupted by civilization, as the 18th century Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau contended?  Or are we fundamentally selfish brutes who need civilization to rein in our base impulses, as the 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued? 


After exploring the areas of the brain that fuel our empathetic impulses, two UCLA neuroscientists are coming down on the optimistic side of human nature in their recent report. 


Our altruism may be more hard-wired than previously thought” said co-author Leonardo Christov-Moore, a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA’s Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior.  "It's almost like these areas of the brain behave according to a neural Golden Rule,  The more we tend to vicariously experience the states of others, the more we appear to be inclined to treat them as we would ourselves."


However, a disconcerting note was made that there may be a “possible way to make people behave in less selfish and more altruistic ways.  (Senior author Marco Iacoboni, a UCLA psychiatry professor)  Will the “elite” use this to brainwash the average citizen to make them happy with their sorry lot in life?  Only time will tell how this research is used. 


As for S.E.I, we see this as confirmation that we are on the right path in getting people to join together to get synergistic benefits that will give them a better lifestyle… NOW !


April 7, 2016

S.E.I 's GVM concept urgently needed

A recent post by Mr. Angel Gurría, the Secretary General at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD – OCDE), on LinkedIN brought to light the even more urgent for  S.E.I 's Global Village Mindset, and made it important that our Chairman make a comment not just on our website, but also on Facebook and LinkedIN.


Our Chairman's commentary is as follows:

"Mr. Gurria says it like it is. Sadly, dramatic changes must be made to numerous social systems, perhaps too many, and which seem to be less important to the "elite" than their promises to improve citizens' lot in life.  As such, it will be up to "average" citizens to group together to get economics of scale advantages and use existing "elite-loopholes" to better their own collective lifestyles.  Joining organizations like S.E.I will have an impact. ("


April 2, 2016

S.E.I  updates its GVM concept

With the addition of Christopher Hill as President of S.E.I, our Chairman as gained not only a talented manager, but also some free time... time to devote to our core research, and also to expand and clarify what we are about and how we plan to help like-minded people get the maximum benefit possible from the global economy.